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I am passionate about empowering people to transform their body, mind and spirit, build a foundation of vibrant health, and live their best life ever.

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As an Integrative Health Coach I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives. My goal is to support you on your unique journey of personal growth and healing.

Ionized Water

Having studied western and eastern medicine for over 25 years, I can tell you without a doubt the most powerful ingredient to reduce acidosis and inflammation is ionized water. It may seem too simple but the science is clear contact me for more information

Youtube Channel

The world is all about videos! Check out my YouTube channel for health care tips and the science behind ionized water!


Need a health coach?

• with crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis?
• with heartburn, acid reflux, stomach cramps, GERD or stomach ulcer?
• with abdominal pain, indigestion and stomach flu?
• from a holistic nutritionist who can identify a detox diet plan right for you?
• to understand your digestive system, acidosis and the best antiinflammatory foods?
• with stress management techniques and holistic nutrition?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES! to any of these questions, I can help!

Check out my DIVINE SPARK health care program here.
Or contact me to set up a Free Consultation to learn more.

Wondering how I started in holistic nutrition, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine? Regained my health, my vision and reclaimed my life? Read my story and learn about my accreditations here.