As an Integrative Health Coach with more than two decades of passion and experience helping people transform their health, I have a wide range of tools in my kit. My programs and services are designed and customized to provide each client with the highest quality information, and support available on their journey of personal growth and healing.

Click on the three service areas below for more information:

Integrative Health Coaching

My health transformation programs and services step beyond cookie-cutter, quick-fix solutions, debunk confusing and disempowering health myths, and provide refreshing clarity on your unique barriers and strategies to conquer illness and achieve lasting vibrant health.
Learn more about our Health Enhancement Programs that focus on the following areas (link to integrative Health coaching programs page):

  • Weight Loss for Life
  • Natural Anti-Aging
  • Conquer Cancer
  • Divine Digestion

Energy Healing Sessions

Come experience the benefits of a personalized energy healing session that combines Reiki, Qigong, Acupuncture and a variety of other healing modalities to rebalance and re-energize your system. These sessions work great on their own or as a follow up to our Integrative Health Coaching Programs to help you sustain results or take your health to the next level.

Speaking & Presentations

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to present to your audience on health and wellness topics, please contact me to discuss your needs in greater detail. Here are some of my most popular topics:

  • Stress Management & Hydration
  • Keys to Healthy Aging
  • Demystifying Weight Loss