Conquer Cancer

Whether for yourself or someone you love, both the reality and the prospect of cancer is scary. Myths and misinformation around how to prevent and treat it abound. Having personally lost both of my parents to cancer at an early age, I am all too familiar with both the emotions and the mountain of information that needs to be navigated on the journey of cancer treatment and prevention.

The Conquer Cancer program is designed to explode the myths and misinformation about cancer treatment and prevention, and empower you with knowledge to build a holistic treatment or prevention plan that fits your unique needs. It will develop not only your knowledge of the treatment options available, but your ability to tap into and trust your intuition so that you can confidently work with your team of health care providers and maximize health and healing for yourself or your loved one.

In the Conquer Cancer program you will discover:

  • How to make sense of the sea of information around cancer;
  • Which foods best nourish your body and boost immune system (based in TCM and modern science)
  • Why ionized water is an essential factor in your body’s ability to heal itself;
  • How thoughts and emotions are just as important as physical factors in both causing and healing illness:
  • How stress disables your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms and what you need to do to turn your natural healing engines back on again;
  • How to develop and trust your intuition, your strongest ally in health and healing;
  • How to listen to your body and know what works for you;
  • How to integrate complimentary therapies with western protocol treatments.


While each program addresses specific health goals, they all provide a core foundation for understanding health and healing as a combination of mind, body, and spirit.

In completing one of my programs you will feel empowered to:

  • ask questions and request tests from your doctor with confidence
  • seek advice from relevant complementary therapies
  • trust your intuition and inner guidance
  • use food as medicine to nourish your body and boost your immune system
  • live a vibrant life with a sharp, clear mind
  • have a strong body that moves with ease and grace

Every Program Includes 8 Core Sessions:

    1) Whole Life Assessment: All programs start with a comprehensive mind, body, and spirit assessment to see where you’re at. This begins to provide us with a roadmap to address the root causes of any health issues.

    2) Whole Body Assessment: Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we will discover your core constitution, identify specific physical health challenges, and learn about strategies to address them that suit your unique needs.

    3) Hydration and Nutrition Consultation: Building on information from the above assessments, this session provides food and hydration recommendations specific for your body type and condition.

    4) Stress Management and Meditation Techniques: Learn specific techniques for stress reduction and energy enhancement that will work best with your unique situation and lifestyle.

    5) Detox and Declutter Consultation: Clearing the way for health in your home and work environment as well as in your relationships is a key element of achieving and sustaining vibrant health.

    6) Getting Creative. Follow Your Bliss: A serious look at having fun! This session explores the links between vibrant health and fulfilling your hearts desires.

    7) Intuition Amplification: Developing and trusting your intuition is your biggest ally and source of guidance in transforming your health. This session provides tools and guidance to strengthen you internal compass and use it to consistently chart your course towards greater health, joy and living your bliss.

    8) Energy Medicine: Based in Taoism, Qigong, Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will learn about your personal energy field, and how this energy or vibration informs and manifests every aspect of your life (including your physical health).