Upcoming Presentations

Health & Hydration Talk
7 PM Tuesday, October 13th
633 Kinghorne Mews,
Vancouver, BC


Health & Hydration Talk
7 PM Friday, October 23rd
1628 W 4rth Avenue
Vancouver BC


Health & Hydration Talk
7 PM Friday, November 6th
1628 W 4th Avenue
Vancouver BC

Speaking and Presentations

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to present to your audience on health and wellness topics, please contact me to discuss your needs in greater detail. Here are some of my most popular topics:

  • Stress Management & Hydration
  • Top 5 for Natural Anti-Aging
  • Demystifying Weight Loss

Or join me for an eye popping presentation on ionized water!

Health & Hydration Talk

Are you improving your health through nutrition?
Have you considered the water you are drinking?

Come and learn the secret of “ionized alkaline restructured water”.

Explore the power of restructured water for drinking, disinfecting, and removing chemicals from our bodies, foods, and homes.

Come taste the difference when preparing, sprouting, cooking and storing food using Kangen Water.

Learn the many benefits for our pets including killing fleas and disinfecting with restructured water!

Discover Beauty Water! Like having a fountain of youth at your finger tips. The same ph as your skin and hair, leaving them toned, soft and silky.

Join us and explore why so many people are choosing Kangen Water to benefit the health of people, pets and the planet.

ps. did we mention our all out massive action plan to eliminate plastic bottles!!