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Open to everything,

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Food For Thought

Is there an epic fight of good and evil going on on our planet? And if there is, how do we navigate these times? 

“Open to everything, attached to nothing”. That’s the motto my friend Johanne and I have as we research and navigate our way in these incredible… biblical times.

Join us as we explore topics like ancient civilizations, deep space, portals, deep underground military bases (DUMBS), human trafficking, adrenochrome, the royals, reptilians, the vatican and alphabet soup agencies.

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Meet Your Hosts

Nancy Joyce

As a Soul Coach, I bring more than 25 years of nutrition, qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine expertise to the table. I help clients heal their bodies, ignite their spirits, and transform their lives.

I’ve seen a lot of censorship in natural health care, but never at this level, in every area of society.

Therefore I’m joining millions who are taking the bold step to speak their truth, and share information as we see it.  Digging deep to expose secrets, and shedding light on the dark.

Johanne Deschamps

I have been focusing my attention on the effects of sexual trauma on the brain, the body, and the soul for over 20 years. I have completed my Masters’ degree in Counselling and Spirituality and I am currently pursuing a second Masters’ degree in Art-Therapy. My research paper is about the benefits of using Art Therapy with victims of ritual abuse.

While doing my research, I started digging even deeper into the subject of ritual abuse, and I discovered the D.U.M.B.S, the very lucrative business of Adrenochrome and CIA’s MKUltra/Monarch program.

As dark and sinister as these topics can be, I’m excited about the idea of bringing light, peace and serenity to some of the victims of such horrors through the use of visual arts.

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