My Philosophy

The following four beliefs are part of the foundation of my philosophy for helping people to achieve and sustain vibrant health, no matter what their current age or state of health may be.

Prioritize Prevention:
Our Western medical system has much to offer, but it tends to be reactive, only treating problems after they occur. It is time that we return to a whole health approach – a system that focuses on proactively promoting vibrant health and preventing disease rather than simply diagnosing and treating illness once it has occurred. While I can support people in dealing with a variety of illnesses and imbalances, you don’t need to be sick to work with me. You simply need a desire to optimize your well-being naturally.

Mindset Matters:
I have first-hand experience with understanding the power of the mind to heal. When my father received a prognosis of six months to live, he refused to buy into it and took charge of his thoughts and attitude. He lived 10 more years! When I received a diagnosis of macular degeneration almost 15 years ago, doctors told me to prepare myself to be blind. My mind refused to accept this and I kept searching until I found TCM and the power of ionized water that were key to restoring my vision to where it is today.

Take Charge of Your Health:
Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to take your health into your own hands. People feel confused and disempowered with the sheer volume of information available to them, much of it contradictory. Increasing numbers are frustrated with medical tests that show nothing is wrong when they know that they just don’t feel right. My integrative health programs help you make sense of your treatment and prevention options. They provides clarity on the missing links between thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being. And they give you the tools and support you need to balance logic and intuition to find the right combination of treatments to meet your specific health goals.

Treat the Whole Person:
My approach to whole health includes body, mind and spirit. I have long studied psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), the study of how our thoughts and emotions directly affect our physical wellbeing at a cellular level. Achieving and sustaining vibrant health is about much more than treating the physical body. Proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise are important for sure, but you also need the ability to quiet your mind, and tap into your inner guidance, in order to navigate the sea of information you will encounter on the road to vibrant health.