My Healing Journey

My seeds for holistic health care were planted at the young age of 5, when my father was diagnosed with cancer. Despite being given a prognosis of just six months to live, on more than one occasion, plus huge amounts of chemotherapy and surgeries my father continued to beat the odds and lived 10 more years. I was left both shocked and impressed at the incredible resilience of spirit.

However the stress of dealing with my father’s illness, compounded by growing up with a bipolar sibling, impacted me and, by the time I moved to Vancouver in my early twenties, I was diagnosed with IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome which included symptoms of chronic nausea, reflux, cramping, bloating, low energy, mood swings, diarrhea, and constipation. Naturally I sought the help of western protocols via our health care system, but experienced no relief. When my symptoms continued to get worse, I sought the help of Dr. John Matsen, a local naturopath. His book, Eating Alive, and the health success I experienced working with him was the beginning of a great adventure in studying digestion and how our thoughts and emotions affect our body.

Building on this excitement, I began my in-depth study of nutrition, taoism, qigong, and reiki. As I experienced these and other alternative therapies I was continuously amazed with the positive health results I saw for both myself and others. As my understanding of the importance of a proactive and preventative approach to health care grew, I added a passion for exercise to my growing skill set in nutrition and energy healing, becoming a certified fitness instructor in 1994. These days I focus on weight training, qigong and yoga, but back then I taught everything including cardio kick boxing.

Not long after I became a certified Reiki practitioner in 2002, I move back to Ottawa and was hit with yet another major health hurdle – I was diagnosed with macular degeneration. With my vision rapidly degenerating, I was forced to leave the successful and rewarding career in graphic arts that I pursued for 18 years. By 2006, a third ophthalmologist report said without a doubt, that I was going blind. I was told to contact the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) to help me cope with going blind. When CNIB offered me a white cane and help to navigate in the kitchen, something welled up inside me and I internally refused this diagnosis. Just as my father had done, I was determined not to buy into the prognosis I had been given and set about learning all I could to create a different story for the rest of my life.

All of this inspired me to pursue a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unfortunately my health challenges were not over. In 2010, after a hard core summer of gardening, I went to see a chiropractor for the first time for

incredible pain in my hip and lower back. X-ray’s showed the disk under lumber 5 was 60% gone, and my hip (illiosacral joint) was coming apart. I was given a wide belt to wear around my hips to keep things together while on the mend.

Fortunately, by the time I graduated in 2012, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and energy work had resolved the majority of my back and hip problems. My TCM training had helped me understand macular degeneration as a liver blood deficiency, and guided my use of nutrition, acupuncture, and qigong/energy work, to arrest the degeneration of my eyesight and even create brief bouts of better vision. Unfortunately these gains were not stable. As soon as I was tired, off my diet, or stressed my vision would diminish.

I knew that I was still missing a piece of the puzzle.

The impetus for discovering this missing piece was another brush with cancer. This time with my mother. In 2012 she was diagnosed with stage 4 systemic cancer and died one year later. Despite all of my training, I was frustrated that there was little I could do to comfort my mom. With so much pain, nausea and lack of appetite all I could say to her was, “Drink more water mum”. “I can’t,” she’d reply, it makes me feel worse.” For some reason this stuck with me. Even then I knew that water was key, but I had no idea at the time how little I actually knew about water and how it can help or hinder health.

Inspired by my mom’s death, my continuing battle with chronic nausea, an aunt, uncle and cousin with colon cancer, and my ongoing desire to improve my vision I continued my search for this missing piece of natural medicine. In January 2014 I discovered the final piece to my journey that has led me to where I am today – Kangen water! After taking a year to experiment with the water on myself, friends, family and even my pets, I could not deny that the results of drinking this unique ionized water were consistent and life changing for everyone who experienced it.

Through all of my efforts and the final addition of the right water, I am grateful to say that I am now healthy, pain free, and filled with more energy and zest for life than I’ve ever experienced before! My macular degeneration continues to improve to the point where I can consider full recovery as a real possibility.

Having gone through such challenges to reach the state of vibrant health I’m in today, I am bursting with excitement to share all that I have learned with others. If you are ready to take charge of your health, break free of mental conditioning, and realize a vision of vibrant health for yourself, check out my services and programs to find out more about how I can help.