Nancy’s high energy is contagious you can feel her passion! She loves what she’s does. I believe that’s a must when choosing someone to support you with your wellness journey. Her easy going, down to earth nature puts your worry’s at ease. And her sarcasm keeps it light. She is a wealth of knowledge! She has helped me tremendously. I am so glad to call her my new savvy friend!! Thanks NancySteph Heard, Merrit, BC
Honestly, she’s simply wonderful! Nancy lives to teach, to empower and to help others and always does so with passion and enthusiasm. It’s wonderful to have someone who truly cares about my health and well being, and wants to help me live the best life – the one we all deserve. She listens and takes time to explain and/or share her wealth of knowledge on the subject. Her energy and happiness are contagious! She is truly inspiring. Lynn Mills, Abbotsford, BC
It is with much honour I know Nancy Joyce. She has been a tremendous part of my growth; mentally, financially & spiritually. Her professionalism and attention to detail is something that I have noticed when I first met her and it’s only getting better. Nancy has a beautiful heart for life and I absolutely trust her; mind, body and soul.Patrik Nguyen, Vancouver, BC
I’ve known Nancy for over 20 yrs, and she’s always proved to be curious about everything and very passionate in all of her endeavours. Throughout the years, she has helped me, my daughter, and my dog with acupuncture treatments and, although she now lives clear across the country, Nancy’s still my number one “go-to” person anytime I have questions about overall health, nutrition and hydration. She’s always accessible by phone or email and her enthusiasm is so tangible it’s contagious. Nancy’s high level of compassion is clearly demonstrated by her generous sharing of her expertise.Johanne Deschamps, Ottawa, ON
Prior to meeting Nancy, I was so overwhelmed by digestive problems and general fatigue, that I could barely make it to work, let alone have the energy to actively enjoy my life. It hurt to eat, and every healthy action I took seemed to make it all worse. Learning about the healing power of real hydration and turmeric supplementation has made it possible for me to live my life again and opened the door to a million more possibilities.

I can actually digest my food now! My skin looks healthier and the cellulite on the back of my legs has all but disappeared. I wake up excited, I’ve increased my capacity for work three fold, and I take on new challenges everyday. Nancy is solution focussed and knowledgeable, but she is also compassionate and understanding. She is a joy to work with, and I cannot thank her enough. I look forward to greater states of health and wellbeing on the horizon!
Jackie Palmer, Vancouver, BC

Nancy Joyce est une femme dynamique. Son parcours en fait foi. Elle sait, avec brio, faire preuve de résilience. À maintes reprises elle a abordé les coups durs de la vie comme autant de secrets à découvrir et de défis à relever. Elle a apprivoisé et surmonté chacun de ces événements avec force et courage. De plus, elle possède l’intelligence émotionnelle et la capacité de se donner les outils nécessaires pour approfondir ses connaissances dans le domaine de la santé de façon naturelle et efficace. L’enthousiasme, la conviction et la générosité qu’elle dédie au partage de son expertise témoignent de son désir de faire goûter à son entourage les fruits de ses propres expériences. Édith Savard, Garineau, QC