Acupuncture, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Wrinkles

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I can improve at least 3 of your problems with one easy solution.

Don’t believe me yet? Let’s give it a go:

Do you suffer from menopause, PMS, acne or any other hormonal related issue?

Are you enjoying the mental fog before your coffee?

What about weight gain, insomnia or sinus congestion?

Not in your nose? What about your spouse robbing your ZZZ’s with their sinus issues?

After you stay up all night listening to the sultry sounds of nasal congestion…

Or you stare at the ceiling until 4AM pondering the meaning of life (again)…

You emerge into the blinding and unforgiving lights of your bathroom

–seriously who even chose these light fixtures–

and you stifle a small scream at the gaunt reflection staring back at you.

Those wrinkles, dark circles and bags underneath your eyes might need this solution the most!

You have probably noticed the list of potential problems is big, but it doesn’t matter!

Facial Acupuncture can address all of these issues and many more!

In today’s video, Registered Acupuncturist Julie Shillabeer shares how this is really possible. Effective healthcare that heals the body holistically actually exists and the results are remarkable!


Acupuncture Facial Vlog


After you get a chance to watch, let us know:

Have you heard of Facial Acupuncture before? What conditions would you like to improve that make you excited about trying it? (…only with a kind hearted soul like Julie around of course).

Multiple symptoms don’t always require multiple pharmaceutical drugs. The body responds beautifully to so many natural therapies and has a truly amazing ability to heal itself.

Who needs all those side effects anyway?

In health and happiness,

Nancy Joyce









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