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Divine Spark health care program!

with health coach Nancy Joyce

You can choose whichever session you would like to begin with in the DIVINE SPARK program. I recommend you start with session 1 and do each session in order.

Each 1 session is $150 and includes:
• a pdf of the session
• a 60 minute phone or Skype conversation with Nancy Joyce
• unlimited email for 1 week

It is recommended you focus on 1 session per week.
The DIVINE SPARK program has 8 sessions in total.
Although you can do it faster, it’s best to allow 8 weeks for the full program.

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Need A Health Coach?


  • with crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis?
  • with heartburn, acid reflux, stomach cramps, GERD or stomach ulcer?
  • with abdominal pain, indigestion and stomach flu?
  • from a holistic nutritionist who can identify a detox diet plan right for you?
  • to understand your digestive system, acidosis and the best anti inflammatory foods?
  • with stress management techniques and holistic nutrition?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES! to any of these questions, I can help!

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Wondering how I started in holistic nutrition, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine? Regained my health, my vision and reclaimed my life? Read my story and learn about my accreditations here.