As a health coach and holistic nutritionist I am passionate about helping people understand their digestive system, ionized water and the best detox diet plan for their unique body.

Understanding what the digestive organs need for homeostasis and self repair leads to lifetime results not more medication. Reducing acidosis, consuming anti inflammatory foods, and ionized water, can resolve many symptoms and chronic illness including heartburn, acid reflux, stomach cramps, indigestion, rheumatoid arthritis, crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, congestive heart failure, fibromyalgia and so much more.

I have a wide range of tools in my kit and offer a mind/body approach to my clients. My DIVINE SPARK integrative health care program is designed to provide you with cutting edge information in holistic nutrition and ionized water.

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Health Coach

As a health coach and holistic nutritionist my DIVINE SPARK health care program goes beyond cookie-cutter, quick-fix solutions, debunks confusing and disempowering health myths, and provides refreshing clarity on your unique barriers.
Weather your aim is to improve your digestive system, resolve crohn’s disease, or learn stress management techniques, my goal is to set you up for life, with a health care approach that includes body, mind and spirit.

ionized water

Reducing acidosis and inflammation is key to allowing you body to self repair. As a health coach with over 25 years studying eastern and western medicine, I can tell you without a doubt the most powerful ingredient to reduce acidosis and inflammation is ionized water.
Also called negative water and much more beneficial than the best alkaline bottle water, filtered water, purified water, or chemically changed alkaline water. The science is clear, and I can help demystify the confusion.

Public Speaking

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to present to your audience on health and wellness topics, please contact me to discuss your needs in greater detail. Here are some of my most popular topics:

  • Health and Hydration
  • Eliminate Acidosis and Inflammation
  • Demystifying Weight Loss
  • Top 5 Anti Aging
  • Keys to Stress Management