Health Coach Program

with Health Coach Nancy Joyce

As a health coach and holistic nutritionist I can help you reduce acidosis and inflammation  leading cause of symptoms like acid reflux, heartburn, stomach ulcers, indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps, GERD and so much more.

I will teach you about your digestive system, digestive organs, and the importance of ionized water vs. alkaline water. Empowered with knowledge, you will know how to cure GERD naturally, how to get rid of heartburn, how to avoid stomach cramps and stomach flu.

As a holistic nutritionist with a background in western science, and acupuncture benefits, I will find your core constitution and suggest a detox diet plan for your specific needs.

Ionized water with anti-inflammatory foods from your best detox diet, or acid reflux diet, will greatly reduce acidosis and inflammation. This will help your body with homeostasis. Next you can greatly improve or eliminate crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and so much more.

Once your digestive system heals, you can eliminate stomach ulcers, ulcer symptoms, gerd symptoms, stomach cramps, lactose intolerance and food allergens.

Weather your aim is to improve your digestive system, eliminate crohn’s disease or learn stress management techniques, my DIVINE SPARK Integrative Health Care Program will set you up for life.

Every session in the DIVINE SPARK program has a 10-15 minute science component to help you learn about your digestive system organs, and how your digestive system functions. My goal is for you to understand how truly incredible your body is at self repair when given the opportunity, holistic nutrition and good detox diet plan. Learning basic anatomy will also help you locate chakras and key acupressure points you can use.

Check out the above video why I became a health coach.

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Divine Spark

Integrative Health Care Program

  • Whole Life Assessment

    Start with a comprehensive mind, body and spirit assessment. This can help identify the root cause of any health issues and helps you set clear goals moving forward. (Science Component: Basic osteology and myology)

  • Whole Body Assessment

    Based in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture benefits, you will discover your core constitution. This helps identify patterns and provides solutions for your unique body. (SC: Locate major organs)

  • Hydration and Nutriton

    Learn about purified water, best alkaline water, ionized water, holistic nutrition and best detox diet plan. Best when combined with your TCM core constitution and patterns. (SC: Cell membrane and physiology)

  • Stress Management Techniques

    Learn how to relieve stress and focus your mind. Various breath work techniques and qigong mediations to benefit your digestive system and heal at all levels. (Nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic)

  • Detox and Declutter

    detox diet plan is only the beginning. Detox your body, mind, home, work and relationships is key to achieving and maintaining long term vibrant health. (SC: Colon detox and lymphatic system)

  • Getting Creative

    The importance of letting go and finding joy! This session explores the links between creativity, fulfilling your hearts desires and vibrant health at any age. (SC: PNI psychoneuroimmunology)

  • Intuition Amplification

    Developing and trusting your intuition is your biggest ally and source of guidance in transforming your health. Learn to strengthen your internal compass to consistently chart your course towards greater health and joy. (SC: Endocrine System)

  • Energy Medicine

    Learn about your personal energy field, chakras and acupuncture points. Explore how this cosmic energy field informs and manifests every aspect of your life including your health. (SC: Meridien System)